Hot Shot Trucking in Memphis

You might be wondering what hot shot trucking is. If so, let Lifetime Transportation, LLC explain it to you.

Most trucking companies don’t see a point in hitting the road with only one small load in their truck. For the costs of transport, labor, and fuel, it just isn’t worth it. To get the most out of their trucks, carriers will try to load up their trucks with as many shipments as possible.

Hot shot trucks, on the other hand, will haul freight for just a single customer, and the drivers will do so in an expedited fashion. Hot shot runs are for-hire operations.

Lifetime Transportation, LLC’s specialty is hot shot trucking delivery. When your freight is in our hands, you can rest assured that we’ll get your shipment to its destination safely and swiftly.

What are the Benefits of Hot Shot Trucking Services?

What’s the advantage of working with a Lifetime Transportation, LLC who offers hot shot trucking services in the Memphis area? You get to benefit from the flexibility that comes from working with a company who provides personalized service. When we load your freight into our trucks, you can rest assured that we aren’t also stuffing other people’s belongings in there with yours. We don’t cram multiple freights into one vehicle, which means we don’t need to divide our attention and we never prioritize another person’s freight over yours.

Are Hot Shot Trucking Companies Insured?

If you are going to entrust your freight to a Memphis trucking company, you’re going to want them to have adequate insurance. It doesn’t matter whether your freight is commercial products or personal belongings – your freight is valuable!

When you begin the search for the best trucking company in the Memphis area, here are a few questions you can ask us and our competitors:

  • • Do you have liability insurance?
  • • Do you cover any physical damage?
  • • Do you provide cargo coverage?

What about us? Lifetime Transportation, LLC has comprehensive all-risk coverage and liability insurance, ensuring that even in the event of a collision or sudden damage you will not experience any financial loss. Not only that, we only hire professional, licensed and well-trained drivers to handle your freight. Making sure our employees are responsible and expertly trained means that we’ll never have to make use of our comprehensive insurance policy!

When all is said and done, and you’ve researched the hot shot hauling rates and insurance coverage of all the trucking companies in the Memphis area, we’re confident you’ll wind up giving Lifetime Transportation, LLC a call.

Emergency Hot Shot Trucking Services

One of the benefits of working with a hot shot trucking service is that we can be on site to help transport your freight as soon as possible. Does your business need a last-minute transport of goods across the city? No problem. Whenever a customer requests Lifetime Transportation, LLC’s hot shot trucking services, their freight becomes our highest priority. With minimal paperwork and very little hassle, we can get your shipment to where it needs to go.

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