Local Trucking and Delivery in Memphis

When you have assets that need moving or products that need to be delivered in the Memphis area, you can’t skimp on the logistics company you use just because it doesn’t have a long distance to go. Reliable local trucking and delivery services are an invaluable part of our local economy here in Memphis. If you are looking for a logistics company with an impeccable reputation for local trucking and delivery in Memphis, you can’t go wrong with Lifetime Transportation, LLC.

Lifetime Transportation, LLC has been helping businesses in Memphis for ages thanks to our reliable and comprehensive pickup and delivery solutions. There are tons of businesses in the Memphis that rely on our services, which is why we take great pride in what we do. When we are tasked with a local trucking or delivery job, we understand that we hold the business’s reputations in our hands. Our work is a reflection on your company and with this in mind, you can depend on us to get your goods where they need to go on time and in one piece.

We can assist you with business to business delivery, furniture removal and transport, electronic and network delivery and document and package delivery, just to name a few. If you don’t see the local trucking and delivery service you require listed here, give us a call and let us know what you need. When you have been in the logistics business as long as we have, we are confident that we can help with whatever you need.

Our calling card since we started this business has been to provide the convenience and cost effectiveness of a larger carrier that also includes the personalized service of a local transportation company. For a free estimate on our local trucking and delivery services, call (901) 827-3644 to speak a Lifetime Transportation, LLC representative today.

The Advantages of Truck Transportation and Delivery

When it comes to truck transportation, there is a lot to consider. Price, proximity and commercial convenience all come into the equation. However, one thing that should never be in question is whether or not to invest in this service at all, because truthfully this is a no-brainer! At Lifetime Transportation, LLC, we take what we do very seriously, and this means that when you enlist our services, you can rest assured that you will receive a professional service that will not be beaten for price, quality or convenience. On top of these benefits, there are many other advantages to selecting our high-quality service, some of which can be seen below:

  1. Professionalism: No matter what size, shape or type of freight you need transported, the fact of the matter is that when you choose Lifetime Transportation, LLC, you can rest assured that you will receive a professional service that always puts our clients’ needs first. Our dedicated team of drivers and freight specialists work in tandem to make sure that your freight get where it needs to as quickly and safely as possible. With a wealth of experience in this business, there is no job too big or task too small for us. So, if you need your freight brought from point A to point B, then you know what to do.
  2. Speed: When all is said and done, there are very few transport options that are as cost- and time-efficient as trucking. This may seem a like a strange thing to say given the fact that plane and train transport is a real viable option. However, when all is said and done, trucking can do a lot that these faster options simply cannot. First of all, if you need freight transported within a city, then a truck is perfect. Similarly, unlike trains and planes, our superior trucking service is not reliant on schedules to run. This means that if you have a last-minute freight haulage that needs delivering, then our option may be your best call.
  3. Tracking: They say that knowledge is power and when it comes to your previous freight, this is certainly the case. Knowing where your freight is and being able to confirm when it will arrive creates a peace of mind for businesses and individuals alike that really is invaluable. At Lifetime Transportation, LLC, we are able to provide this much sought-after service thanks to our state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems that we have installed in each of our trucks.
  4. Local Knowledge: Unlike many of our competitors, the local knowledge that we at Lifetime Transportation, LLC possess makes all the difference. Our drivers are all familiar with Memphis and can select the best routes that will ensure your freight gets where it needs to as quickly as possible. What’s more, their experience in the local area means that we will be able to take different Memphis-specific factors into account when transporting your goods. And in our eyes, this is priceless—don’t you agree?

Shipping Options for Local Delivery and Long-Haul Truck Freight

You’ve worked hard to build your Memphis small business into what it is today. In the early days, you might have gotten away with delivering your goods to vendors by yourself, in the back of a rented white van. But that won’t fly these days: your company’s reputation depends on your materials getting where they need to go on time and in one piece!

One advantage of working with the eager and talented freighting professionals at Lifetime Transportation, LLC is our dedication to small-time customer service. From our humble roots as a single owner-operated vehicle into our current advanced fleet, we’ve maintained an honest and easy-going attitude that has kept customers coming back satisfied for years.

That’s why, unlike the big trucking companies, we’re happy to compromise to meet your needs. Although we do have minimum orders, we offer both LTL shipping and FTL shipping for short- and long-haul trucking and delivery, so any business owner can take advantage of our services, even if they’re just getting started in their industry.

What is LTL Shipping and Why is it Right for My Memphis Business?

Simply put, LTL shipping stands for ‘less-than-truckload’ shipping. Smaller Memphis businesses who need quick and efficient deliveries but don’t have full-truckload volumes of product to ship can opt for this convenient service.

We combine your order with other businesses in the area to save you money. Rather than rent an entire truck when you only have half a truckload of goods to ship, you only pay for the space you use.

While it may take a little longer than a FTL delivery due to the fact our drivers need to visit multiple addresses, you can send two LTL shipments in the time it would take you to accumulate enough demand for a full truckload of product.

And if you’re a really small company just starting out, this is the perfect way to get started in the world of logistics as you build your brand—one that emphasizes timely and safe shipping for your products. That’s something any business owner can feel good about.

FTL Shipping

If you’re ready to join the big leagues and have graduated to FTL, or full truckload shipping, you’ll find that Lifetime Transportation, LLC delivers the quality and service of the big trucking companies with the standout customer service of the little guys.

Our competitive prices mean you’ll never need to haggle to get your product delivered on time and on budget. And when you move into FTL shipping orders, you’ll have total control over what goes into your deliveries and when they get there.

We offer temperature-controlled rigs for sensitive goods. No risk of spoilage when you partner with Lifetime Transportation, LLC whether your product needs to travel 20 miles or 200!

Local Delivery With a Difference

For more about how we can partner with your Memphis business to deliver your goods safely and efficiently, call us today. We’re happy to provide an estimate or to tell you more about what makes us different from the rest of the pack.

Lifetime Transportation, LLC’s Fleet

More and more businesses in the Memphis area are making the switch to Lifetime Transportation, LLC. Our fleet can handle an over dimensional load, dry good or temperature-controlled deliveries. We have been blessed to boast a fleet that can meet practically any local trucking and delivery needs your business may have. We have everything from light-duty trucks to specialty crane equipment.

Included in our fleet are:

  • Parcel delivery
  • Light duty trucks
  • Medium duty trucks
  • Heavy duty tractors, trucks and cranes
  • Over dimensional loads

The Difference Lifetime Transportation, LLC Makes

Picking a logistics company in Memphis is never an easy decision, especially when it can affect your business’s productivity and reputation. When you go with Lifetime Transportation, LLC for all your local trucking and delivery needs, you are going to receive:

  • Accurate and transparent estimates
  • Competitive rates
  • Same-day pickup and delivery
  • Tracking services
  • Packing supplies
  • Inventory control services
  • Premium customer service
  • Fully licensed and bonded personnel

We have some of the highest standards in the area, which allows us to provide superior service and ultimately that’s the difference when you choose Lifetime Transportation, LLC.

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